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Wanna hear the next Aloud album?.

Jen here. Hope you dug last week’s email from Henry. We’d always wanted to release Frank’s rant on Whiplash, so it was nice to have an excuse. 

This is a screenshot from our first meeting to discuss Aloud album #6. Surprise!

Now, COVID has altered our usual process, but we’re extremely lucky that we have the ability to do this safely. Recording has always been a source of joy, but during this turbulent period it’s also been an incredible relief.

Want a little taste? Here’s a clip.

It’s still very early days, so the album won’t be done in the near future — but it won’t be much longer before our next “event”. (We’re very close to putting a pin on that, so more details on that very, very soon. Promise.)

In the meantime, listen to a short clip of something:

See ya in there, 

P.S. The next Bandcamp Friday is next week! We’ll be sending out some recommendations then, so keep your eyes peeled.