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The new podcast – it’s happening!.

We heard from a lot of y’all last week about restarting a podcast, and so far you’ve been very supportive and threw some great ideas our way!

Sooooo… I think we’re gonna do it.

I won’t lie: we were wary of dipping our toes in those waters again. If you’ve been on this list for a while, it’s likely you remember we gave podcasting a shot several years ago.

It was a lot of fun—even the embarrassing bits—but we ran out of steam two episodes in. Turned out promoting a record, tending to a soul ground to a fine paste by an exceptionally brutal winter, and planning a big show in a black box theater (sidebar: more on that epic show in a few weeks!) left very little brain space for producing a podcast. It was a lot of work. Who knew?

Those two episodes have been offline for the last 3-4 years, but we’ve just reposted what we’re calling Season 1 here if you’d like to listen. (We talked about our terrible first songs in the first episode and tour cuisine in the second.)

For funsies, we’re including the oft-alluded-to unreleased third episode where Frank, in his final hour as our drummer, destroys the award-winning 2014 film Whiplash:

There’s still a lot of planning to do for Podcast Mk. II, so no timeline just yet. It’ll probably be a little more structured than what’s in “Season 1” as well. Probably.

We’ll keep you posted!


PS: It’ll be a minute before we can actually get around to recording anything, so if you’ve still got ideas you’d like to share on what you’d be interested in hearing, feel free to let us know! Door’s open.