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Aloud - Compleat Vinyl Collection

Aloud - Compleat Vinyl Collection

Aloud - It's Got To Be Now

Aloud - It's Got To Be Now
(LP, 12-inch Vinyl)


Falling Out of Love / Empty House
(Single, 7-inch Vinyl)

About Aloud

Good music has a catchy rhythm, a hummable melody, and—if you're lucky—an unforgettable sing-along chorus. But great music has something else, something it's almost impossible to capture: soul. 

Henry Beguiristain
 and Jen de la Osa have been the soul of Aloud since they were teenagers in Miami. A shared passion for rock classics like The Beatles, Oasis, Aretha Franklin, and Otis Redding led the pair to start writing and recording their own songs. After moving to Boston together to pursue making music as a full-time career, the two fell in love, eventually marrying. 

Years of writing, recording, and touring fostered deep ties to the Boston rock scene, and helped them connect with other musicians as passionate as they were, including Aloud's bassist—and the pair’s closest friend—Charles MurphyA recent move to Los Angeles has provided new inspiration, new opportunities, and a new drummer in the form of Chris Jago.

Over fifteen years of dedicated musicianship has certainly paid dividends. First on local, then national tours, the band started honing a sound that has earned comparisons to the Alabama Shakes and The Black Keys. A new album is currently being mixed by Guy Massey (Paul McCartney, The Libertines, Manic Street Preachers).
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