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I think I’m getting the Fear.

It’s another Friday, and I’m sitting here listening to folks’ latest releases on Bandcamp (and catching up on what I’ve missed). I’m also eagerly anticipating that new Arctic Monkeys record, which should be arriving at our front door… any minute now.

It’s making me think about what we’ve got coming up sooner than I think. 

The next single’s only got a few weeks to go before it’s out of our hands—the first inkling of the next album. The fear that precedes these things is massive. You spend so much time working on these things in near-secret, investing great amounts of time and spiritual capital. What if you drop it and people hate it? Worse, what if nobody cares?

Worse still: what if there’s a typo on the artwork?

As crazy as it sounds, though, I’m grateful I still feel these things after so many years and releases—even if what I usually feel is a crippling dread. It’s vastly preferable to experiencing no feelings at all.

It ain’t all neurotic gloom and doom, of course. 

We’re less than a week away from our next show, at Harvard and Stone — Weds, 10/26 — with Serious Face and Rilo Wye.

Rehearsal this week was absolutely killer, and we can’t wait to start sharing these songs with you. (For some reason, performing them in public is a less fraught affair to me than releasing ‘em online. Go figure.)

Show starts at 9pm, and it’s free, friendo.

That’s all I got this week. Thanks for listening, and happy Friday.


PS: Did some cleaning house this week and Jen found a handful of Large t-shirts with the Eruption design (in gray and black). If you’re kicking yourself for not grabbing one of these a few years ago, opportunity knocks for $10: