A Few Records You Might Like – Bandcamp Friday Recs – Feb. 2021.

Hey, happy Friday!

We’re very close to pinning down that event we’ve been alluding to these past few weeks. We’ve got a few more details to sort out, but all will be revealed next week.

In the meantime, and on cue for Bandcamp Friday, I’d like to introduce our monthly recommendations for stuff we’ve been listening to that you might like. No fancy-ass brandable name for it… unless… (…MRFSWBLTTYML… hmm… I’ll throw that in the ‘maybe’ pile.)

This has taken on a few forms in the past—Song of the Day, Aloud’s Weekly Mixtape. And now? Well, 2020 compelled us to take a look in the mirror about how we want to best support fellow artists, both as peers and fans of the Work.

Without further ado, then, here are a few recommendations for this month.

Devil Love – Broken Things: The kingdom of bands Chuck plays in is mighty, both in terms of quality and quantity. Devil Love’s new record is straight-up a great guitar record with awesome songs. It’s out on the 12th, but you can pre-order and get a couple songs now!
Chance Lovett & The Broken-Hearted – Some Little Songs: Great, soulful songs that sound like they were recorded straight to tape. Bought this sight unseen and was not disappointed. This EP is fantastic.
True Blue – Solitary Queen: If solid tunes recorded on a TASCAM 4-track is your thing—and why wouldn’t it be?—this is made for you.
Cornershop – England is a Garden: 70s glam vibes meets 60s psych-pop. Oh, how I have missed Cornershop. Get ready to send all that sun-drenched rock straight to your head.

Last note — it being Black History Month, I would be negligent not to note what we all should know: without the contribution of Black folks, the music we all enjoy and make would not exist. If you want to support Black artists (you do) and need a place to start, spend some time over at blackbandcamp.info. You won’t regret it.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.

If you have any recommendations for tunes to listen to or acts to support, feel free to write me back and let me know!


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