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We officially found a mixer for the new album.

I’m soaking through a heat wave as I write to you. I’ll try to finish this before I melt away. 😂

In lieu of rehearsal (which can be a very sweaty event even without a heat wave) we got together for a Wednesday band meeting.

We’ve officially hired our very good friend and previous collaborator Benny Grotto to mix the new album, which means we can move on to all this other stuff. We’re planning the first single for November, though the album won’t be fully mixed till the end of the year or early January.

Still, there’s lots we can move on and so at the meeting we discussed potential mastering engineers, artwork for the singles, one or two music video ideas for the new year, and maybe even a little more recording over the holidays for something after the new album is released.

In show news, we have rescheduled our L.A. July show that got canceled due to COVID. More info (and new band photos) coming soon, but I can tell you the show will be for this Fall. I could not be more stoked to play a show. We’ve been out seeing our pals rip it up on stage over the last couple months and I. AM. READY.

So lots on the horizon. We’ve got a pretty big to-do list for September.

I’ll be over here plugging away at it and breaking up the time with good books (I’m almost done with The Talented Mr. Ripley!) and good movies (just caught a Godard double feature with Henry this Monday).


PS: We’ve gone ahead and pushed the City Lights EP out to the streaming world, so if you want to go and stream it on Spotify (or elsewhere) you can do so now!