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The Vault 002 – Don’t Trust the Radio EP.

Picture this: Boston, spring of 2002. Two 19-year-olds, about a year into living in a one-bedroom republic in the Fenway, invite their high school band’s drummer to fly up from Miami to move in with them, conjure up a band name which is both available and not actively hated by its members, and play their first official gig at a dive named Copperfield’s (RIP).

Buoyed by playing to six people*, they realized they needed something to sell if they’re going to keep playing “gigs”. So that summer the kids packed up a Boss BR-8 eight track recorder and the two Radio Shack microphones in their possession, headed to their bassist’s dad’s basement in Watertown, and recorded a four song EP. Cassettes were dubbed a week later. A friend’s CD burner was borrowed to burn about 20 CD-Rs after that.

And this is how our first EP Don’t Trust the Radio was born. (The bonus track “Wouldn’t You” would be added January 2003.)

Out of print since early 2003 and never distributed online, we’re making this little guy available to you for free. Those kids would probably be thrilled about you: the seventh fan.

Your free download includes all four original tracks, “Wouldn’t You”, and a digital booklet [PDF].


  1. Help Me Help You
  2. We Fall Down
  3. Mind Relaxer
  4. Don’t Trust the Radio
  5. Wouldn’t You [bonus track]

* The bartender, the bouncer, the two members of Zippergirl, our friend with the van, and our friend without the van.