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Photo shoots, meetings, and gigs.

Gotta be honest and tell you I am wiped out.

Rolling out an album is a lot of creative and physical work. With four singles, there’s been a lot of location scouting for artwork photo shoots, not to mention coming up with the ideas in the first place.

This Tuesday we met up with photographer Fiona Cansino (who also did our new band photos) for what will be the cover to the album’s first single “The Comeback Kid”.

Down by the L.A. River we tried out a bunch of different poses that might bring that character to life. We got what we needed and I think you’ll be into it. I can tell you if all goes to plan then you’ll get to see it (and hear it) in November.

Earlier on Monday the four of us met (virtually) with Jeff Lipton who’ll be mastering the record. Right now the focus is on getting “The Comeback Kid” ready for release and Jeff said we should have something to listen to after the weekend. The man is an excellent human being and we’re all very excited to be working with him again. He’s been the mastering engineer on previous Aloud albums Fan the Fury and Exile.

Wednesday night was rehearsal. We’d taken the prior two weeks off because of the heat wave (the space is a hot box when it gets over 90°F), but managed to dust off some older songs we hadn’t played in a while the fruits of which you’ll get to hear at Harvard and Stone on October 26th (if you’re in LA that is).

Damned if I can’t wait to play again. The last (and only gig this year so far) was back in June. We’ll bust out the jams including four songs from the upcoming record to get you familiar!

Yesterday, I went out in the morning to scout two possible locations for what will be the artwork for the third single, but alas, it was fruitless (except, of course, to rule those places out).

It’s a lot traipsing around, but you know, you gotta get it right.