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NEW – Live Video for You.

It’s been a dreary, rainy, gray start to the New Year in L.A. I had no idea what an “atmospheric river” was until this week. 

No, that’s a lie. I still don’t understand it. 

But there are silver linings to raise the spirit all around us… 

First, we debuted some new photos taken by good pal Tammie Valer last October.

Second, as this arrives in your inbox today, mastering (the final stage of the album making process — before manufacturing anyway) is underway. 

Hell, I might be listening to final masters right now! 

That means a new single, “Somewhere To Be”, later this month (or early February at the latest) and eventually an Apollo 6 pre-order launch. 

Speaking of sharing, I do have something for you.

WATCH “The Comeback Kid” live from Harvard & Stone – October 26, 2022:

Many thanks to Juliet at Buzzbands LA for filming this, so we could get it to you!

Everything’s kicking off this month. I am SO impatient.


P.S. Many thanks to Twangville for sharing our rooftop performance of “The Comeback Kid” on their site this week!