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Look, the rockets worked, didn’t they?.

This week we announced the release date for Apollo 6‘s next single, “Somewhere To Be” (1/27) and shared the single cover.

Charles himself was responsible for the art direction and shooting the cover, which is honestly one of my favorite Aloud covers of all time.

The cover is an homage to JPL co-founder Jack Parsons and his fascination with the supernatural—in spite of being a chemist and rocket engineer.

We put together a little video for you from the shoot, which was just across from the JPL itself. We even included some alternate shots of the cover.

Watch it here:

By the way, the record is done! Finito. You never think this day will arrive, but then it does, and you start doing things like celebrating on a Wednesday, drinking a fair share of beer, and making wild statements about who likes stinky cheese or not.

We owe a lot to Benny Grotto—our partner in crime for nearly 12 years—and Jeff and Maria at Peerless Mastering for bringing this thing home.

We’re still firming up the release date—still on track for the spring—and getting the wheels turning on vinyl (which, due to persistent production bottlenecks, may not arrive till September or October).

In the meantime you can pre-save “Somewhere To Be” now, if Spotify is how you roll. 

Naturally, it’ll also be available on Bandcamp on the 27th.

And if you want to help us out (you do, right?) share this link with your friends and family: 

Have a great weekend, friends.