Leave Your Light On


Performer Magazine
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Aloud is a band that is almost impenetrably complicated in its simplicity. They are a part of the new wave of bands that pray not at the altar of greasy garage noise but that of hooky melody. They may even be riding the leading edge, judging by the complete sound of Leave Your Light On. All signs point to Aloud being a great band: their musical and vocal performances are top-notch and their songwriting skills. It is only after a few flashes of mighty brilliance does it become apparent that Aloud is on the fast track to totally finding themselves as a band. … With assets such as strong writing and equally strong voices, there is no reason to look back, but plenty of reason to keep a torch burning for Leave Your Light On.
Boston Phoenix
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Four years and two EPs in the making, this is the coed foursome’s debut full-length. Nodding generously to the classic rock of old-school Aerosmith and the Stones, it evokes the glory days of FM radio, from the “Sister Golden Hair” slide of “Wouldn’t It Be Sweet” to the Tyler/Perry swagger of “Bleeding Heart.” Guitarists Jen de la Osa and Henry Buguiristain alternate lead vocals, both conjuring the original arena-rockers. “Beaches” is less of a wink and more of a shout to Mick and Keith, from the “Jumping Jack Flash” opening line “I was born . . . ” to the lit-up “woo-hoo-hoo” harmonies that emerge toward the end. The power-ballad swooner “Slipped into Your Dream” recalls the subdued/over-the-top dynamics of Heart and Fleetwood Mac in a good way. Less reverent than inspired in their preference for the past, Aloud are on a mission to return earnestness and ambition to rock.
The Noise
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Speaking of hooks—theyre all over the place on Leave Your Light On. Some of the tracks here rock, some are slow and poignant (and, yes, poppy), but every single one of them wormed its way into my skull and took up residence.

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