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It’s perfectly ok (and necessary) to do nothing.

The effort continues!

Still working on things related to “The Comeback Kid” single (tweaks on the master, the lyric video).

I did want to give you something though in the meantime, so here’s the retro future space cowboy artwork for the track:

You can get very in your head working on the details of these things, so I’m looking forward to getting back on stage on the 26th.

Harvard and Stone has become our Great Scott as of late. For those in LA, Great Scott was a venue we lived close by for years and experienced both sides of the stage at. Well, so now it’s the same with Harvard and Stone; in the neighborhood and I find myself there watching music regularly.

So yea, being able to commune again from the stage and doing something concrete like playing music, getting sweaty and having a generally good time will be very welcome. To make things even better Serious Face (featuring two members from good friends The Colour Coast) will join us and we’ll make new friends with the opener Rilo Wye.

This week, I found myself with swaths of time where I can do nothing about the progress of things, my impatience flowing wild. In an effort to control things (a bad personality trait) I try to schedule things and create timelines. Futile!

Best case: I smile to myself and remember that it’s perfectly ok (and necessary sometimes) to do nothing.

In that respect, we spent last weekend doing just that. We hung out at the beach with friends and I took a very rejuvenating swim in the Pacific Ocean (a first for me!). We stayed out late watching friends play music, ate pizza and ice cream, and enjoyed the sunshine on the pickleball court.

You see, Jen? You’re feeling great just thinking about all that, right? Yes, in fact I am. 

Off to have some fun now!


P.S. I have been obsessed with the two new Arctic Monkeys singles. They are on repeat over here. You can listen here if you haven’t yet.