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Heat Wave (Thank You Ladies and Gentlemen).

The last week and a half’s been a hot one, and I’m not just talking about the heat wave.
(However I am absolutely talking about this brutal heat wave.)


But yes, other things continue to heat up including, of course, the album. We just found our mastering engineer for this the album. But first:

There’s a brand new coat of paint on the Aloud site — its 14th coat of paint, if you’re keeping track. And yes, even if social media has seemingly made proper websites moot, is still my baby.

There’s a lot of under-the-hood work that’s gone into it to make sure it’s running faster than it has in the last year or so. We’re still reorganizing The Vault as well to make it a bit easier to navigate, but for now, it looks neater.

The most substantial change is with the proprietary Aloud store. After 3 years, we decided to close it up and shift things back over to Bandcamp.

Running our own storefront was a liberating experience. We got to present and sell our music exactly the way we wanted to, and not having to send a commission to a third party for each and every sale was certainly a plus.

The downside is that—who knew—it takes a lot of work to maintain an online storefront. It grew to considerably slow down (and sometimes crash) the entire site.

But listen, you probably already know Bandcamp is rad. We’ve used them since 2009 and I’ve always found BC to be a rare artist-friendly platform with an amazing community. They’ve never once let us down and we’re more than happy to make that our one and only storefront.

By the way: if you’ve purchased music from the now-defunct store and want to add it to your Bandcamp profile, let me know. Just reply to this email with some kind of proof of purchase (even if it’s just the email address you used to buy it… we have records of it all) and I’ll send a Bandcamp download link your way.

What about shows?

Shows are starting to line up as well for the fall in the L.A. area! We’ve just confirmed a show for October.

There’s also the rescheduled date with Harry Katz & the Pistachios, and The Dreamboats at The Goldfish in November to look forward to (which may double as our single-release show).

Will send details over as soon as we’re able. And hell yes, we’re going to be rolling out more of the new tunes.

Wait, did you say single release?

I sure did, Super Ninfriendo.

Some final mixes from Benny have arrived a little ahead of schedule. We even found our mastering engineer for this thing. Happy to say we’re once again working with Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice over at Peerless Mastering in Boston. Jeff and Maria worked on both Fan The Fury and Exile. We’re thrilled to be back at it with them.

And yes, we’re planning to kick out the album’s very first single, “The Comeback Kid”, this November.

We spent the week bouncing around all the fun nonsense that accompanies these things… artwork and font and where the title should go and should this even have the title on it and how thick, exactly, should the font be? These discussions are inherently ridiculous and pedantic, but truth told, this is the kind of shit I live for.

It’s the delightfully messy part of the band experience which never gets old.

There’s much more to report, of course, but this email is long enough.

Stay cool. Be good.