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Music lovers wanted.

Join the growing and mighty Aloud community.

Hang on, I’ve got questions.

So… why are you doing this?

Social media probably frustrates the hell out of you. It frustrates us too. A few years ago, we got fed up with apps we’re all told we absolutely must use and instead focused on communicating with folks directly via our weekly email list. A wonderful little community has emerged as a result.

What do I get if I sign up?

Every week we’ll email you stuff we don’t share with the public.

Often it’s behind the scenes content on the new album as we’ve been working on it, unreleased music and video from the archives, free and discounted music… sometimes it’s as simple as an update on what we’re up to.

You’ll also get access to our members-only area, The Vault.

Not to make this sound like a one-way street, either… a fun side effect of all this has been folks replying to our emails, so if you ever want to ping us, we’re more than happy to chew the fat.

How do you send emails out?

We’ve used MailChimp to send out our emails since 2011. They’re pretty great.

Who T F are you again?

Aloud is, in the parlance of our times, a rock n’ roll band. Since our founding in Boston in the early aughts we’ve released five albums, toured coast-to-coast several times, and even landed music in a few films. We’ve called Los Angeles home since 2017.

We’re currently putting a neat little bow on a follow-up album to Sprezzatura which, if you believe what the papers tell you, is very good.