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Comes With a Promise We’d Get Past Two Episodes.

Hope you enjoyed last week’s email as much as we enjoyed shaming Henry for it. (He knows what he did.)

We’ve already had a few folks let us know that day they’d be using Henry’s solo in one of their songs. Will keep you posted on how that moves and, hopefully, we’ll be able to share those tunes with you.

We’re still pondering on what else we might want to do in this still very much COVID/socially-distanced era beyond live shows. Gigs bring an intimacy that quite can’t be replicated and, like everyone, we’re sorely missing it.

BUT… is there some other way to bring back that closeness (or something like it)?*

One idea kicking around is to restart the Aloud podcast.

What do you think? Do you want to hear us going on at length about…

…actually, what would you want us to talk about?

Shoot us an email and tell us what you think!

I await with bated breath,


* Speaking of bringing gigs back: we had a lot of fun watching the Exile concert film with you last October. Working on something else for you… watch this space!