Aloud’s Weekly Mixtape #107.

In these [select one: challenging / unprecedented / extraordinary] times, even minor miracles are worth celebrating.

To wit: I can see the sky again after a week of orange clouds and the occasional ash.

Music is another miracle, so here’s some tuneage for your weekend. Crank it up — and if you like it, support it with your dollars! (Links are included below.)

And if you’re heading outside, please continue wearing a mask to protect others. I strongly recommend mask-wearing—as much as I recommend not heeding advice to the contrary from our aging pop star population.

For your health,
Elvis Bustelo

PS: Deadlines are coming up soon; make sure you’re registered to vote, or verify your registration.

  • “Just Go” — Fellow Robot • Bandcamp
  • “This Can’t Be Nothing” — The Gooms • Bandcamp
  • “Rolling” — Michael Kiwanuka • Website
  • “Savoy Truffle – 2018 Mix” — The Beatles • Website
  • “Aterrizar” — Mint Field • Bandcamp
  • “Post Everything” — Elle Belle • Bandcamp
  • “Sadder Than U” — Teamonade • Bandcamp
  • “Summer Hair” — Eddie Japan • Bandcamp
  • “Summer’s Almost Over” — Oddnesse • Patreon
  • “It’s over Now” — Terra Lightfoot • Website
  • “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – Acoustic Version / Remastered 2020” — U2 • Website
  • “Impossible Weight” — Deep Sea Diver • Bandcamp
  • “When I See Pictures of You” — CK Field • Bandcamp
  • “Growing Pains” — Charlie Belle • Bandcamp
  • “Hell N Back” — Bakar • Website
  • “No Loitering” — Proper. • Bandcamp
  • “God Gave Rock and Roll to You” — Argent
  • “Run Away” — SO • Bandcamp

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