Greetings, excellent ones.

It’s been an interesting couple of days over here. Not bad, by any stretch, but we’re planning to mark a special Aloud milestone next month and looking in the rearview has left me feeling a little… well, you know that feeling you get when you eat a little too much candy, and then you each another few Kit-Kats on top of that? It feels something like that.

It hasn’t been all navel-gazing, though. We have been getting very amped up on some new music we’re working on. (Still figuring out the kinks with making it all work remotely, but aren’t we all I guess?)

But more on all that soon enough.

In the meantime, another semi-semi-weekly Mixtape is upon us. Lots of kickass new releases this week. A couple of these aren’t available on the Spotify playlist, but you owe it to yourself to spend the cash on it. (You should know the Bandcamp Friday drill by now: once a month—in this case, to-day, the wonderful souls at Bandcamp have elected to waive their cut of sales, meaning the artists receive 100% of whatever you pay ’em.)

Enough jibber-jabber. Playlist/links to purchase are below. Be good to each other.

Elvis Bustelo

PS: So you’ve already verified your voter registration (or registered if you hadn’t before). Now what? Well, friend, have you considered signing up to become a poll worker? I’ll be doing that myself later today. You should too!

  • Better Than Mine — Towner • Bandcamp
  • Eastside Party — Thunderbitch • Website
  • Girl Cactus — Wife Patrol • Bandcamp
  • Miss America — David Byrne • Website
  • I Don’t Belong Here — Colatura • Bandcamp
  • Seagulls on the Beaches — OldJack • Bandcamp
  • (Till I) Run With You — The Lovin’ Spoonful • Website
  • Circle Circle — Sumeau • Website
  • Come Down — Stephen Clair • Bandcamp
  • Missing You — Lauren Mann • Bandcamp
  • Isn’t It a Pity – Remastered — Nina Simone • Website
  • Home Again — Delta Spirit • Bandcamp
  • Screwed (feat. Zoë Kravitz) — Janelle Monáe Zoë Kravitz • Website
  • Bring It On Home To Me — Sam Cooke • Website
  • Need a Girl — Babe Club • Bandcamp

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