Happy Friday, y’all!

Yet another roller coaster, but we’re getting through bit by bit. Hopefully this selection of tunes we’ve been digging on lately will make it a little easier on the soul.

By the way, today is another Bandcamp Friday — meaning if you buy directly from an artist today on Bandcamp, the artist receives the whole amount.

As always, we’ve included links to buy the music as directly as possible from the artist (at a minimum, we’ve included a link to their website).

If you hear a song you like, consider this a gentle nudge to spend a buck on it. $1 is not a lot, but it makes an impact. You’d have to stream a song something like 250 times on Spotify before an artist sees $1 (and that’s assuming that fraction of a penny per stream is not getting divvied up further.)

Last two orders of business:

Elvis Bustelo

  • “God’s Target” — The Gooms • Website
  • “Come Inside Your Room” — JATK • Bandcamp
  • “Over You” — Seratones • Bandcamp
  • “Shackle & Chain” — Bette Smith • Bandcamp
  • “Lay the Worry Down” — J.R. Rhodes • Bandcamp
  • “Dead Fruit” — Livingmore • Bandcamp
  • “Familiar Colors” — Young Mister • Bandcamp
  • “New Low” — Sarah Harmer • Bandcamp
  • “Los Feliz” — Loretti • Bandcamp
  • “Stay Gold” — Black Pumas • Bandcamp
  • “Tomorrow – Remastered 2018” — Wings • Website
  • “Yes Sir, No Sir – Mono Mix” — The Kinks • Website
  • “Gimme Shelter” — Scary Pockets, Lauren Ruth Ward • Website (Scary Pockets / Lauren Ruth Ward)
  • “Ougie Bougie” — Frank Shirts • Bandcamp
  • “We All Need Somethin'” — André Cymone • Bandcamp
  • “Troublemaker” — Devon Gilfillian • Website
  • “Pushin’ Too Hard – Live at Pappy & Harriet’s” — Nick Waterhouse • Bandcamp

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