Hi and hello to the latest Aloud’s (usually) Weekly Mixtape.

Apologies for the lag. Now that we’re more than halfway past 2020, “there’s a lot going on, been distracted” could be a leading contender for this year’s tagline.

But at the very least, there’s still music new and old to look forward to, and I’m grateful y’all are still out there determined to put beauty out in the world. We could sure use it.

Here’s a bit of what’s been easing our minds over the last couple weeks. As always, links on how you can directly purchase from the artist are listed below. If there’s something you love, the best way to show your appreciation is to buy it from the artist. (It certainly beats the pennies Spotify, et al, occasionally deign to fling at us!)

Also: if you’re not subscribed to The Tapes Podcast, I highly recommend you do. It’s a wonderful show about the art of mixtapes (but it’s also so much more than that). You can thank me later.

Stay safe out there, wear a mask, and keep on fighting the good fight.

Elvis Bustelo

PS: Don’t get caught flatfooted this year — verify your voter registration and read up on The Indivisible Guide.

  • “Twinkle Twinkle” — Margo Price • Website
  • “Friends with Feelings” — Alice Skye • Bandcamp
  • “Manic Panic” — Broken Baby • Bandcamp
  • “Contingencia” — Mint Field • Bandcamp
  • “Something In My Eye” — Matt Berry • Website
  • “I Don’t Know” — Paul McCartney • Website
  • “Teenage FBI” — Guided By Voices • Website
  • “Someday” — Zion Rodman • Bandcamp
  • “Relay” — Fiona Apple • Website
  • “Apple Trees” — FBGM • Bandcamp
  • “The Beautiful Ones” — Prince • Website
  • “Inside Looking Out” — Ndidi O • Bandcamp
  • “Be Kind To Me” — Laura Jean Anderson • Website
  • “Fall Asleep” — Big Joanie • Bandcamp
  • “New Colossus” — Kaia Kater • Bandcamp
  • “Paper Bag” — Smoke King • Bandcamp

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