Greetings, dear music lover. If you’ve been following Aloud on social media with any frequency, you’ll know we’ve been doing these (usually) weekly mixtapes for a bit. It started off as a fun way to share with y’all what songs and artists we’re into at the moment.

After nearly two years of maintaining it, we decided we want to try and change things up a little and start posting this up on our website starting today.


Well, for one thing, we wanted to include links to purchase the music on the playlist whenever possible. Streaming can be a great way to discover music with minimal risk to the wallet, but for an artist, it’s generally a poor way to make a living—especially when tech companies like Amazon, Google, Pandora and Spotify are still fighting against increased royalty rates set in 2018 by the Copyright Royalty Board. (Considering the economic state of music during the novel coronavirus pandemic, it’s an especially cruel move.)

We’ll still post these on YouTube and Spotify, but if you’re really digging on something you hear we encourage you to hit that link and buy it.

Alright, enough gabbing. On with the show.

  • “What I Want” – Ndidi O • Website
  • “Tempted” – Le Ra • Bandcamp
  • “Superbloom” – Cassandra Violet • Website
  • “Head Over Heels” – JD McPherson • Website
  • “Weeping Willow” – Chance Lovett and the Broken Hearted • Bandcamp
  • “How Bout It” – Delta Spirit • Website
  • “1996” – Charles Murphy • Bandcamp (All sales from Eclipse will be going toward Mutual Aid L.A.)
  • “How To Lose” – Wife Patrol • Website
  • “Problems and Heartache (I Got Them)” – Cold Beaches • Bandcamp
  • “You Don’t Know How It Feels (Home Recording)” – Tom Petty • Website
  • “Something For Nothing” – TIFFY • Bandcamp
  • “Oh, Sun” – Queen Esther • Bandcamp
  • “MOVING TO CALIFORNIA” – Cowboy Boy • Bandcamp
  • “Born and Bred” – Lizzie No • Bandcamp
  • “The Man Who Sold the World (2015 Remaster)” – David Bowie • Website
  • “March March” – The Chicks • Website

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