the deep listen - day 6

The Deep Listen Day 6: We’re wrapping this adventure up today with, perhaps, the biggest song on the album, “Oh Danny”, and Sprezzatura‘s closer “Been So Long Since We’ve Seen the Sun”.

“‘Been So Long Since We’ve Seen The Sun’ concludes Sprezzatura… on a mellow, introspective note complete with gorgeous strings, soaring harmonies, and a chilled-out groove.” —Rock and Blues Muse

the songs

oh danny
been so long since we've seen the sun

behind the songs

oh danny
been so long since we've seen the sun

oh danny

Oh Danny, can you really do it?
Can you make us stand
together as a unit?
If the heart is strong
will the head allow it?
Will the passion grow?
Do you think we’ll manage all right?

Hold it together love
So much is riding on it
Hold it together love
So many people exist
without so much as having
a chance like this
With so much here at stake
will you do what it takes?

White knights
glimmer in daylight
As we approach twilight
no, you can’t afford to sleep
because the world is half the devil’s
and half our own
Moments don’t happen in isolation
You’re never ready for what comes

been so long since we've seen the sun

The winter is cresting over me
Like riptides from a frozen sea
The ruins of time remain
Stretched on a bitter plain

It’s been so long, it’s been so long
It’s been so long since we’ve seen the sun

What misdeeds would I ask of you?
How much strength is in a heart that’s true?
How far can we bear to climb
as we grasp at straws?


studio footage

Photographer Adam Salsman spent the first few days in the studio with us to help document the process. (His photos grace the LP’s inner sleeve.) He also took video of us working on “Oh Danny” and “Been So Long Since We’ve Seen the Sun”.

bonus audio

“Oh Danny” is the one song on the record which received the full kitchen sink treatment. The mix above highlights the strings and horns. A string arrangement was always part of the plan on “Been So Long Since We’ve Seen the Sun”, but Max’s organ part made us reconsider for a moment. Here’s a mix with just the rhythm section, a piano, and Max’s keys.

production notes

We intended to use a 12-string for the rhythm guitar track, but after listening back to a take, felt it ran the risk of crowding the track. “Been So Long Since We’ve Seen the Sun” took a turn from its origin as a folk song. Once we changed tack to a more soulful feel, Charles suggested using CCR’s “Long As I See the Light” as a reference to guide the new arrangement.

Thank you so much for participating in The Deep Listen! Links are below if you want to revisit anything. (Or you can listen to the record here.)

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