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This is an album that begs to be played loudly from an open window.
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The new album Sprezzatura explodes with soulfully raucous real-time joy.
Brushes of pop, blues, brass, and a whole lotta rock.

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evolving before your very ears

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the story

After relocating from Boston to Los Angeles Henry, Charles, and I had to settle and regroup. In a few months we were meeting new friends, mixing and mastering Sprezzatura (all recording for the album was done in Boston) and finding a new drummer and horn combo. We were lucky enough to get put in touch with Chris Jago on drums and Alanah Maguire on sax who brought in Vanessa Acosta on trumpet.

Needless to say even while we were putting the bow on Sprezzatura we were amped to make more music with our new friends.

Relocating set the songwriting muscles going and we recorded a slew of singles with the new band including “Children of the Divine” and “Live TV,” which would make up the City Lights EP.

We really wanted to go all out with Sprezzatura and wanted to make the new band a part of the release somehow — so we opted for a Deluxe version of the album. The Deluxe version includes Shibusa, almost two albums worth of Sprezzatura demos which show the evolution of the album. From acoustic bedroom demos to full band rehearsal space arrangements, it’s all there.

The Deluxe album also includes the Dead Reckoning EP. This is where Chris, Alanah, and Vanessa come in. The EP features 5 new tracks recorded in L.A. and performed with the new band (with the exception of “Get Through To You”, which features our Boston and Sprezzatura drummer Chuck Ferreira). This was our way of not just giving you more after 6 years between albums, but also a way of sharing this album release with our new musical pals.

We don’t have any plans to release Shibusa or Dead Reckoning to the public. We made these exclusively available through our store and only with a purchase of Sprezzatura during the pre-order phase.

So, for now only and since you’ve already bought Sprezzatura, we’re offering you an upgrade from the standard to Deluxe version.

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“Any time a new song from my favorite band Aloud is released it's a glorious day for my ears and my soul.”
brandon z.
“I can always count on Aloud to come through with the uplifting and impactful tunes to inspire you to fight the good fight.”
kristen g.
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  • 5-song EP Dead Reckoning
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  • All three Sprezzatura bonus tracks featuring alternate mixes


Don’t let this great release escape your attention.
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