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Aloud’s album It’s Got To Be Now on compact disc. Purchase includes MP3 downloads for the whole album, plus bonus track “You Will Know” and a digital booklet. Contains the songs “Such a Long Time” (featured in the film Kusama – Infinity) and “Jeanne, It’s Just a Ride!” (featured in the film All These Small Moments.)


Aloud’s albums It’s Got To Be Now and Exile on compact disc — at a 50% discount!

About It’s Got To Be Now:

“…Forget the headphones, forget the click track, forget separating the amps, and just play the damn thing till it sounds good.” Aloud’s fourth record, It’s Got To Be Now, is an album that sounds like a band playing music in a room together.

Recorded at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Massachusetts, the album features the singles “A Little Bit Low”, “It’s Got To Be Now”, and “Back Here With Me Again”. It’s Got To Be Now includes the songs “Such a Long Time” (featured in the film Kusama – Infinity) and “Jeanne, It’s Just a Ride!” (featured in All These Small Moments.)

Your purchase also includes an MP3 download link to the full album plus bonus track “You Will Know”, and a digital booklet (pdf) containing the album artwork and lyrics.


Back Here With Me Again
Don’t Let It Get You Down
The Wicked Kind
Jeanne, It’s Just a Ride
A Little Bit Low
Such a Long Time
After the Plague
It’s Got To Be Now
The Ballad of Emily Jane

About Exile:

Exile on compact disc in a “mini-vinyl” sleeve, designed by Matthew Jatkola. Includes fold-out insert with lyrics and liner notes.

“Exile represents a sea change for Aloud.” Bandleaders Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa spent over a year in the studio with producer Daniel Nicholas Daskivich creating the album following the departure of their original rhythm section. The result is a beautiful and Sgt. Pepper-like collection of songs featuring often-unfulfilled, complex characters coming to terms with bleak circumstances while searching for hope and relief in unlikely places.

Your purchase also includes MP3s of the full album and a digital booklet (pdf) containing album art and lyrics.


Burning Bright
Broken Hearts
Darkest Days
Exile in the Night
Old Soldier
Counterfeit Star
A Light That Shines
The Urgent Letter
A Line of Lights
To Die at Sea

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April 1, 2014, October 12, 2010


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