City Lights EP [MP3]


Six great tastes — together at last. The City Lights EP collects Aloud singles and b-sides released from Nov. 2018 – Sept. 2019. Includes 3 bonus tracks and a 20-page digital booklet.


A collection of Aloud singles and b-sides released from November 2018 – September 2019. Comes with bonus demos of “Live TV”, “Children of the Divine”, and a demo of an alternate version of “Son of the Dharma”.

An exclusive 20-page digital booklet (pdf) with behind the scenes photos included with your download.


  1. Son of the Dharma
  2. (I Just Want) To Be Free
  3. Live TV
  4. Children of the Divine
  5. Show Me What You Got
  6. Last of the Evergreens
  • Son of the Dharma (Feb. 20, 2016 Demo – Alt Version) [bonus]
  • Live TV (Oct. 7, 2018 Demo) [bonus]
  • Children of the Divine (Jul. 27, 2018 Demo) [bonus]

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Digital (MP3)

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November 29, 2019


Lemon Merchant Records

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