“Exile” -- 10th Anniversary Edition

Exile was an album few were expecting from Aloud at the time of its release. We weren’t even sure anyone would ever want to hear it, to be honest. But ten years on, we still get folks sending us all sorts of love for this one — whether it’s someone who’s come to know us via our current work, or folks who have been with us since the beginning.

It’s a very special album indeed.

So we’re celebrating its birthday with the Exile: 10th Anniversary Edition, out on October 16, 2020 exclusively in the Aloud store. PLUS we’ll be streaming the album release concert in Boston from Sept. 23, 2010 for one night only.


Exile: 10th Anniversary Edition out October 16, 2020.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Exile includes the full original album on your choice of CD or MP3 plus the digital double album Shadows of Another Place – demos from Exile, bonus tracks and fifteen extra recordings from that prolific period which have never seen the light of day until now!


Original 10-track Aloud album produced by Daniel Nicholas Daskivich

Available on CD and MP3

  1. Burning Bright
  2. Broken Hearts
  3. Darkest Days
  4. Exile in the Night
  5. Old Soldier
  6. Counterfeit Star
  7. A Light That Shines
  8. The Urgent Letter
  9. A Line of Lights
  10. To Die at Sea

Shadows of Another Place

Brand new double-album featuring demos of the songs from Exile, five rare/unreleased studio tracks, and an album’s worth of recordings of previously unreleased songs from the Exile era. Includes digital booklet.

Available on MP3 with the 10th Anniversary Bundle

    1. Burning Bright [demo]
    2. Broken Hearts [demo]
    3. Darkest Days [demo]
    4. Exile in the Night [demo]
    5. Old Soldier [demo]
    6. Counterfeit Star [demo]
    7. A Light That Shines [demo]
    8. The Urgent Letter [demo]
    9. Intro [“A Line of Lights” demo]
    10. To Die at Sea [demo]
    11. Given All Given Up (Slow Version)
    12. I Need You
    13. The Last Time (Campfire Version)
    14. A Line of Lights (Instrumental Version)
    15. To Die at Sea (Live Version)
    1. Shed Some Light On It [demo]
    2. Should a Lantern Shine [demo]
    3. I Want To Be Your Friend [demo]
    4. Seen the Sun [demo]
    5. (Run Away) Like It’s Yours [“The Cash and the Pearls” demo]
    6. Deseo (Todas Las Noches) [demo]
    7. No More Hallelujah [demo]
    8. Happy Pill [demo]
    9. Stemless [“Such a Long Time” demo]
    10. A Two-Note Symphony [demo]
    11. To Be Empty [demo]
    12. Salon Nouveau [demo]
    13. World Gone Wrong [demo]
    14. We Ride Nowhere [demo]
    15. Last One of the Year [demo]

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Exile - Live in Boston 2010

And if that weren’t enough: we’re streaming the previously unreleased Exile album release show via YouTube on October 16, 2020 at 9pm ET/6pm PT. The show was held in Boston at Church on September 23, 2010, and it was all filmed! Maybe you were there? We’ll watch the whole thing together for one night only.



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