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Aloud’s newest song, “You Will Know”, holds steady at number four on the Boston Emissions Top Five new songs listener’s poll! This week’s poll can be found on the shiny and new WZLX website.

Aloud / "I Can't Believe That Worked"

To mark the tenth anniversary of Aloud, this week the Boston Phoenix has released the Aloud 10th Anniversary EP. Spotlighting songs from all three studio albums, the download is available for free. PLUS: watch the teaser trailer for "I Can’t Believe That Worked"!

Breakfast in Boise

Reviews in the Noise and the Biloxi Sun-Herald As the band heads westward, Aloud continues to pick up reviews for Exile. In the latest issue of The Noise. Debbie Catalano, who also happened to review Aloud’s very first demo years ago, reviews: It’s a recording that belies categorization—and that’s a good thing in my book. […]

After the release show for Exile in September ended with the quiet strains of “To Die at Sea”, Aloud led the crowd in a singalong of the Beatles classic “A Day in the Life” on the floor accompanied by acoustic guitars, tambourine, a washboard, and some horns. The encore was the perfect cap to a […]

On the road

Horse of a different color. It’s been an eventful week for Aloud as the gang passes the first week on the Exile US tour. Two reviews have been picked up in the interim. The first was from Playground Boston, who was present at the Beast of the Northeast CMJ showcase. The Boston rock veterans (and […]

Performer Magazine reviews Exile in their November issue. Aloud has the mysterious ability to send its listeners through an atmospheric adventure by creating intelligently structured songs, bound together by a strong lyrical presence. … Exile evokes sweeping emotions of heartache and hopefulness. You can read the whole review in page 31 of the magazine, or […]

…or “Tuesday Morning Round-Up, Pt. 2: Wednesday” In advance of tomorrow’s album release show at Church for Exile (*cough cough link to Facebook event page here*), Aloud has been getting some love from Boston today. This week’s issue of the Weekly Dig features a glowing review of Exile that’s left everyone blushing. Here’s an excerpt: […]

Tune in tonight to WZLX 100.7FM at 10pm to catch Aloud on Boston Emissions. Jen and Henry will be chatting it up with hostess Anngelle Wood about the new album, the upcoming tour, and the CD release show. And don’t forget: To Die at Sea is on Boston Emissions’ Fave New Local Song Poll. Go […]

Aloud was featured in today’s Boston Globe. Reporter Jonathan Perry sat down with Henry and Jen last week in Harvard Square to talk about the new album, the upcoming US tour, and the years leading up to Exile. The Boston rock outfit Aloud is proof positive that, sometimes, less really can be more. And despite their […]

Music from “Exile” has been posted to the site. Just head click on Music, and it’ll be the first thing you see. Easy? Easy. Four tracks from the album (“Darkest Days”, “Exile in the Night”, “Old Soldier”, and “To Die at Sea”) are available for your listening pleasure. And on the note of listening pleasure, […]

Another new song off of Exile, “To Die at Sea”, has been posted today on Aloud’s Kickstarter page. However, this track is exclusive only to backers! If you want to listen, all you have to do is contribute to the record and tour on Kickstarter. Backers will also be receiving other exclusive updates in the coming days. […]

Hola lovelies. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written to you, but we really had a fantastic studio session last Friday and I wanted to let you in on it. Friday started off a little off schedule. The night before while we were driving to our acoustic show in Salem the ‘Service Engine Soon’ […]