The year that was: videos, music, and interviews collected in one convenient post. Make some popcorn and watch/listen to everything you helped Aloud accomplish in 2014.


Missed the stripped down set? Watch video of Aloud performing the “Apocalypso” version of “Jeanne, It’s Just a Ride!” at Lizard Lounge.


“I couldn’t possibly speak for the rest of the band, but fuck ’em, I’m going to anyway: it was a lot of fun. I was laughing way more than I expected to after the week of awful news we had last week. Thank you all for helping us celebrate life for a few hours.”


“Sometimes I think Aloud is the only band that gets the Beatles and Stones.” – Aloud’s upcoming stripped-down gig at Lizard Lounge makes the Boston Herald’s pick of the week.


You want shows in August? Aloud’s got the goods. There’s a little something for everyone, from rock n’ roll, acoustic sets, and everything in between.

The Luxury at the Paradise in July 2009. (Photo:

It happens to the best of us. Tonight and tomorrow, our friends The Luxury are going away (at least for an indefinite period). Today, I am more Strongsad than Strongbad because I will be unable to bear witness to what’s probably going to be an amazing couple of shows. I will, however, continue to insist […]


Hello, friends. Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for coming out to Saturday’s show. It’s a testament to the awesomeness of this town when there are a zillion—or 2.5 metric shittons—of other shows going on at the same time and we still managed to sell the place out. The messages and comments […]

Photo: Anna Muzarek

Henry and Jen speak with Time Out Boston Henry and Jen spoke with Jessie Rogers at Time Out Boston. During the phone interview they covered the nuances of living in a minivan for a few months, working on Exile, a few road stories, and on a new-found sense of community with other touring acts: Jen: […]

Photo: Jennifer Beguiristain

Exile makes moves in the New Year. Exile has received some love in the New Year, beginning with WZLX’s Boston Emissions. Last week, Exile made the program’s top 10 Favorite Records of 2010. Last night on the show, the record and the band were at the receiving end of some really kind words from the […]

You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

In true Aloud fashion we’re spending our last day before driving home watching The Big Lebowski and drinking white russians (though I’ve switched to vodka and soda). We’re at Thee Jamie Leigh’s house in Jersey hanging out with her family. We drove through the night from Virginia and early D.C. traffic and got here about […]

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Home again. It’s been a long journey and it feels like it’s been ages since the gang trekked out into the great wide open. They’ve logged close to 13,000 miles and 50 shows all over the US. Next month, after being away from the stage for nearly five months, Aloud is finally coming home. The […]

Photo: Christopher Brown

Hey, Boston… After months on the road and even longer since the album release show, Aloud is returning to a stage near you this January! Aloud’s homecoming show will be at Lizard Lounge. The 21+ show is only $10. Aloud hits the road again shortly thereafter, so if you’ve been meaning to catch ’em, it’ll be […]