Dec. 5: Vary Lumar, Aloud, Velah, Doom Lover at TT the Bear's

Aloud supporting Vary Lumar for their record release at T.T. the Bear’s, Fri. Dec. 5th (with Velah and Doom Lover). Get tickets now!


The Aloud track “Darkest Days” is featured on the Keep Safe Boston compilation to raise funds for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts.


Providence: thank you for the warm welcome back to your city. It’d been no less than ten years since the last time we played in Providence…


Now you can download the song for yourself, for free! Vanyaland suggests you download this and blast it on your way to our SXNE show, For Liberty’s Sake, this Saturday at Carroll Place.


“We had a laugh thinking about the situation. Here we are, a significant pile of years away from being teenagers, and we were still doing this …. It was at this point we realized that as of this Friday, Jen and I will have quite literally been performing in public together for literally half our lives.”


Aloud comes home next week for Rock n’ Soul Power at T.T. the Bear’s (Thursday, October 9) for their first full-on electric set since the album release party back in May! Plus: listen to Aloud’s new cover of Edwin Starr’s “Twenty-Five Miles”.


October is rolling around, and as New York girds itself for the yearly onslaught of the CMJ, Aloud returns to the big city with a parade of friends from the North for SXNE’s For Liberty’s Sake, 10/25 at Carroll Place.

Photo: David Burlacu

The It’s Got To Be Now tour roars on! Aloud returns to Rhode Island, opens for The Lovers Key, butts in at CMJ, and more!


Missed the stripped down set? Watch video of Aloud performing the “Apocalypso” version of “Jeanne, It’s Just a Ride!” at Lizard Lounge.


“I couldn’t possibly speak for the rest of the band, but fuck ‘em, I’m going to anyway: it was a lot of fun. I was laughing way more than I expected to after the week of awful news we had last week. Thank you all for helping us celebrate life for a few hours.”


“Sometimes I think Aloud is the only band that gets the Beatles and Stones.” – Aloud’s upcoming stripped-down gig at Lizard Lounge makes the Boston Herald’s pick of the week.


He was an old doggie, and he went out with a cheeseburger in his belly and surrounded by his loving monkeys. In honor of Zack, I proffer his turn as an integral member of Team Aloud.


“A year ago today, we hit the launch button on a Kickstarter campaign for our new record It’s Got To Be Now.”

Indie Minded

Indie Minded on Back Here With Me Again: “…not only is it a great song…. but the video is a bit of a tutorial, as well!”


Henry looks back on the 2011 recording of the lost Aloud b-side “So Long”.

BHWMA Video-00-Big_Captions

“The video, filled with excitable ironic titling, is sure to put your fans in the right place to love your music. Aloud have always been (if nothing else) intellectual rockers and that much shines through.”


“It weren’t so long ago we was telling you about It’s Got To Be Now, the new record from Boston’s Aloud, and how nice and good and rock it was likely to be. Now we are pleased to tell you that we were correct in our predictions….”

BHWMA Video-22-climactic

“In the new video, filmmakers Stephen LoVerme and Erin Genett aimed to capture Aloud doing what they do best, and that’s playing no-frills, bullshit-free rock and roll.”

Aloud - Back Here With Me Again

Aloud’s video for the third single off It’s Got To Be Now, “Back Here With Me Again”, collects all the tropes and clichés you’ve come to expect from music vids in one convenient spot. You’ll never have to watch another video ever again!

Photo: Michael Basu

The virtual permanence of the internet yields more good news for you. WMFO has archived Jen and Henry’s appearance on The Dweezil Show for your listening enjoyment. In the interview: It’s Got To Be Now, Kickstarter, and how touring has changed in the last four years.